6 Easy Ways to Start the Year Off Right with an IEP

  1.  Review your child’s IEP Goals and Objectives. Are the goals measurable in a way you can understand? For example, reading with “good fluency” is not measurable. However, reading “X words per minute” is measurable.
  2. Meet with the IEP team in September or October. Ask how they plan to collect data on your child’s IEP goals. Ask them to show you a blank data collection sheet (or the data collection from the first weeks of school). Make sure you understand how the data is being collected. If you can’t understand how measuring progress going to work, it’s not you-- its them!
  3. Make sure every member of your child’s IEP team has read the IEP, and if necessary, any relevant evaluations. You’d be surprised how many teachers never read the IEP.
  4. Update your child’s new teacher(s) about anything that happened over the summer, like new behaviors or new skills.
  5. If you child has multiple teachers, ask for a group meeting with all of them, even if it is outside the IEP meeting. If this isn’t possible, set up a quick phone call with each teacher in September or October.
  6. Make yourself known! Attend all the school events you can, volunteer in the classroom, go on field trips, email teachers with questions, and give positive feedback.


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