Summer Camp for Every Kid!

Summer camp has extraordinary educational and personal growth value for children, "quirky" kids (without a specific diagnosis, or possibly Nonverbal Learning Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder) included. Camp Akeela, led by Debbie and Eric Sasson, offers these kids something special. Check them out:


In the Baltimore area, I keep hearing amazing thing about JCamps, which seems to be a model of inclusion: 

"...designed for campers with a range of learning, developmental, social, emotional, and physical disabilities. Campers join bunks with their typical peers and participate in all camp activities... paired on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis with specially trained staff... available in all of our J Camps."


Know of other super summer camps that may offer something special for kids who might not thrive at camp otherwise? Let me know! 


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