Why Hire Nicole?

Experience. I have represented hundreds of children since 2004, in school districts across Maryland. I practice in one highly specialized area of law, which means my expertise is laser focused.


Attention. I will always personally and promptly return calls and follow up with you in a timely manner. Or schedule something that works for you!


Attitude. You have a relationship to maintain with your child’s school, and I respect that. You will find my “bedside manner” with both you and your school system to be respectful, professional and effective. I’ve also been there as a parent, so I know how hard school concerns can be on a family.


Individualized services. I am happy to provide full-service representation to take the stress off your plate, or behind the scenes consultation so you can go in strong.


Digital Convenience. Schedule calls with me online, upload documents to my secure portal, sign digitally, receive paperless invoices, and pay with a credit card if you choose.