Special Education Requirements During COVID-19 / Coronavirus School Closures
School closures during COVID-19 pandemic and services for students with disabilities.
Congress is considering COVID-19 relief legislation that could put IDEA in jeopardy. Act Now!
Q: Is 80% the “correct” or “standard” percentage for IEP Goals? A: No. 80% is often used in IEP goals, but this is NOT a standard.
What specific services does your child receive to address her IEP goals? Is the team unclear on this? A education lawyer or education advocate can help when the IEP team doesn't.
When to get involved, when to help your child self-advocate, and when to stay out of school situations.
Summer camp has extraordinary educational and personal growth value for children, "quirky" kids included. Camp Akeela, led by Debbie and Eric Sasson, offers these kids something special. https://thephiladelphiacitizen.org/citizens-of-the-week-debbie-and-eric-sasson/
Questions to ask in end of year IEP meetings. Determine whether your child is making progress and met or did not meet IEP goals and objectives. Get teacher input. Make sure there is a record.
Letter to senators on the Maryland General Assembly Education Health and Environmental Affairs Committee on screening children for reading difficulties in the early grades and providing effective reading intervention.
Do school staff call you "mom"? You are not their mother!

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