Common questions about special education eligibility for children with dyslexia in honor of Dyslexia Advocacy Day on 1/31/19.
Whether you are advocating for your own child, or contemplating hiring a special education consultant or attorney to help you, there is one thing that very few parents are doing, but that could mean the difference between getting what you want and what your child is entitled to, and being stuck with what the school system thinks is sufficient.
The most common questions I get about difficult special education situations.
6 Easy Ways to Start the Year Off Right with an IEP-- Advice for parents starting a new school year.
Nicole's article in the Trial Reporter outlining legal rights under IDEA.
Special Education in the News. Endrew F. v. Douglas County School District held that students must make "meaningful" progress "in light of their circumstances." How much progress under an IEP is enough? A Maryland special education attorney weighs in.
When you should hire a lawyer in the special education process
This is a great event! Hope to see you there on February 8, 2018. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dyslexia-advocacy-day-in-annapolis-2018-registration-41211389375
Nicole will be speaking about school discipline and the rights of students with disabilities in the school discipline process at the National Business Institute Special Education Law Seminar on December 4-5, 2017. https://www.nbi-sems.com/ProductDetails/Special-Education-Law-From-A-to-Z/Seminar/77664ER?N=0
Learn about your rights throughout the public school special education process including identifying a disability; school system and outside evaluations; developing IEPs; reviewing progress; and options when there is disagreement. This presentation will include specific advocacy strategies for students with learning disabilities and discussion of when you should hire a special education lawyer. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/next-steps-a-dyslexia-family-networking-forum-tickets-38900334949

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