Special Education and Section 504

The special education or IEP process is complicated and frustrating! School staff often mean well, but ultimately have the school’s interest to protect, leaving parents feeling that no one is acting  exclusively in their child’s best interest. Additionally, making sense of evaluations, test scores, and IEP progress can become a full time job.


Just a few things that a special education attorney or special education advocate can help you address:

  • The school system has told a family that their child does not qualify for special education, or that "everything is fine"
  • A 504 plan was denied or not implemented 
  • The child has an IEP, but they are not making progress
  • School is not following the IEP
  • The child has an IEP, but the services they are getting are ineffective
  • The child needs "non-public" placement (private specialized school at the school district's expense)
  • The public school system is excluding a child from general education unfairly
  • The school team will not "accept" the outside evaluations

Parents' knowledge or intuition is often different from what they are hearing from teachers. Parents are almost always right when they "feel" something is wrong. 


In each of these situations, we will work with you to analyze your child’s needs and progress, and to ensure that their rights and best interest are paramount. In some cases this may mean developing a plan for you to continue advocating for your child independently, and in other cases you may decide that you want active involvement from a special education lawyer or special education advocate.